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Peterbilt Medium Duty Ė In a Class of itís Own

Peterbiltís Class 5, 6 and 7 trucks offer all the benefits of a Peterbilt, in a Medium Duty package that is designed for businesses needing a top-performing powerhouse but canít justify the extra capacity, size, and cost of a class 8 truck. Hereís a breakdown of the models:


Model 348
The new Model 348 is built to take on the big jobs. This truck was designed to exceed the rigid demands of Class 7 and Class 8 specialty application markets that require rugged durability and a wide range of option content. The Model 348 represents a multi-dimensional performer with a GVW beginning at 35,000 lbs. and available in both trucks and tractor configurations and can be specíd to meet virtually any application.


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Model 337
Whether you are hauling a delivery or working construction, the new Model 337 has exactly what you need. This truck is designed to help you perform while lowering your operational costs with the quality and durability you have come to expect from Peterbilt. With a choice of the fuel efficient PACCAR PX-6 and PX-8 engines, in both truck and tractor configurations and with a GVW of 26,000 to 33,000 lbs., it can meet the demands of virtually any business and nearly every work application.

Model 210 (Cab Over)
From the wrap-around glass to the tight turning ratio, the Peterbilt Model 210 offers drivers the ultimate in maneuverability. Ideal for the urban environment and drivers without a CDL, the Peterbilt Model 210 is available as a Class 6 straight truck with GVW rated at 26,000 pounds. To make drivers feel more comfortable and confident, the Model 210 features generous windows for outstanding visibility and an exceptionally tight turning radius for best-in-class maneuverability. Recommended for bodies between 18 and 26 feet in length, base models are available with an automatic transmission and air suspension. The Model 210 is designed for driver productivity with 360į visibility, tight turning capacity, rugged protection and convenient storage. Itís ideal for pickup and delivery, towing, refrigerated van, roll-off and landscaping applications.


Model 330
An exceptional performer in every setting, the Model 330 is the head of the class in versatility. This class 6 truck does not require a CDL to operate, yet is a popular choice with commercial and non-commercial drivers alike. The Model 330 is simple to operate, with low overall operating costs, and is highly adaptable to various jobs. Itís ideal for refrigerated van, pickup and delivery, wrecker, and municipal utility applications.

Model 325
The 325 is a driver-friendly class 5 performer. With a GVW of 19,500 pounds, a CDL is not required to operate the 325 conventional. Itís ideal for light towing, pickup and delivery, roll-off, landscaping and municipal utility applications. The 325 features the hard working PACCAR PX-6 engine with 200-300 HP,

Model 220 (Cab Over)
The Peterbilt Model 220 delivers a combination of maneuverability, visibility and value that is best in class. A Class 7 dynamo with a GVW of 33,000 pounds, itís tailor-made for environments requiring a tight turning radius. The Model 220 is recommended for bodies between 20 and 26 feet in length. With low chassis weight, itís perfect for high volume payloads. The optional automatic transmission, standard air suspension and air brakes available on base models make it even easier for the driver to get the job done. The Model 220 is a beautifully compact package offering driver comfort, easy service, entry safety features and vigorous power. Itís ideal for pickup and delivery, towing, refrigerated van, roll-off and landscaping applications.

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